Editing services now open!

Hello friends! It's me, friendly neighborhood comic book and essay author, Ivy Noelle Weir.

I have decided to farm out my skills as a useful editor, something I have not offered to people outside of my friend circle before. Hooray!

For $50 American dollars, I will edit up to 50 pages of your manuscript or comic script. That is a low low rate of $1 per page (PayPal only, please)! From there, you can go up in increments of 50 ($100 for 100,$150 for 150, etc), to a max of 300 pages. If you want me to do 300 pages, please be prepared to wait for a bit or receive it in chunks -- I am also in grad school and work full time, and I don't want to turn into a Lovecraftian protagonist on top of everything else going on. 

But Ivy, what makes you so qualified to edit MY great masterwork of literature/comics?

I have been writing professionally for six years, as well as lowkey editing and ghostwriting for friends and colleagues. I'm a published author (Archival Quality, Oni Press 2018!! Buy it, eventually!) and I have worked in both book retail and publishing, which means that I know which eyeballs are looking at your work, from a variety of perspectives. Also I am chill and nice!

If you're interested in hiring me for editing or have any questions, please email me at: ivynoelle@gmail.com with "Copyediting" in the subject!

Thank you!